What you’re up against in L4D and L4D2

The Common Infected (L4D/L4D2)

These are the more normal looking zombies you’ll see throughout every campaign. They’re generally pretty easy to kill depending on the difficulty, but a head shot or two should do the trick in most cases. Even a good punch to the head or face will take care of business.

Uncommon Infected (L4D2 only)

There are only 7 of these and they’re all specific to one campaign, but knowing a bit about them will be a big help when you find yourself face to face with one.

1. CEDA workers in Dead Center – Wearing a green or yellow hazmat suit, immune to fire, have a chance of carrying bile bombs. HP ranges from 30-90 depending on difficulty, but they’re not too hard to kill.

2. Jimmy Gibbs Junior in Dead Center – He is wearing a white racing suit, fireproof and immune to pipe bombs and bile bombs. If attacked by him, he’ll obscure your vision with an oil slick. He has 1000 HP, so don’t bother trying anything but headshots. 5% spawn chance in the Atrium.

3. Fallen Survivor in The Passing – Wearing a blue, white or green shirt,with bullet belts around his torso. He is known to carry things such as a molotov, pipe bomb, pills or a first aid kit. Has 1000 HP, try for head shots.

4. Clown Infected in Dark Carnival – Looks like your classic creepy clown, 30-90 health depending on the difficulty. He’s an agitator, meaning he lures other common infected to your location (with his big squeaky shoes). Punch him in the face and head shot.

5. Mud Men in Swamp Fever – Basically, they’re guys covered in mud running like an animal. They run faster in water, so try to lure them out or kill them before they get to you. 30-90 HP. If attacked, your vision is blurred by mud.

6. Workers in Hard Rain – Hardhat and ear protection. They are immune to pipe bombs and bile bombs, and resistant to blunt melee. 30-90 HP, just shoot them or hack away with a Katana.

7. Riot Infected in The Parish – Decked out in riot gear, immune to frontal attacks of almost all kinds. shove them or run behind them to attack, or go at them from anywhere with a chainsaw. 30-90 HP.

Special Infected

Boomer (L4D/L4D2) – Covered in boils and extremely large, Boomers vomit bile on survivors, attracting commons. Killing them in close range also releases their bile all over the surrounding survivors, so try to hit them from a distance. They make a sound when they’re nearby, so listen for it and be prepared. Their low health makes them easy to kill and they’re a huge target making it hard to miss a shot.

Hunter (L4D/L4D2) – Normal looking dude in a hoodie and (cargo?) pants, pretty quiet. Just before they jump they will growl, and then pin a survivor and start wailing on them. Keep your eyes peeled, their low health doesn’t mean they’re easy to catch.

Smoker (L4D/L4D2) – These guys scream and cough, making their presence known. They catch survivors with their super long tongues and reel them in. Another survivor is needed to save you, as you become incapacitated. Smokers generally stay pretty far away so a bit of accuracy is important.

Charger (L4D2 only) – Chargers are a mini Tank, they’re big and really strong. They will knock down survivors and go for one specifically, rendering them immobile for a second or two. Get all or most survivors to just unload on him, and he’ll drop pretty quick.

Spitter (L4D2 only) – This nasty lady spits a stream of green acid at you, turning into a pool of green goo. Don’t stand in this unless you want to die. She’s pretty weak, so just get out of her line of spit and shoot away. Careful not to get too close, she leaves a pile of the same goo after death.

Jockey (L4D2 only) – The smallest infected, but very annoying. He’s a crouching, bent-back man and latches on to your shoulders to do damage. You can “resist” him by hitting a button making it easier to get another survivor to shoot him off your back.

Boss Infected

Tank (L4D/L4D2) – Tanks are huge and terrifying. They will knock you down with one punch and can incapacitate you instantly, along with throwing large objects at you. They take the whole team to take down, so work together. If you have a molotov, set him on fire so he goes down faster. Unload your ammo on his head if you can.

Witch (L4D/L4D2) – She’s small but extremely strong and terrifying. One hit will incapacitate you, possibly even kill you. She cries from a distance, so at least you know when she’s around. Turn your flashlights off, and avoid her at all costs if you can. The one who startles her will take the most/all of her damage. If you can (ONLY once she’s startled), set her on fire with a molotov. Sometimes she spawns in a place you can’t avoid her, so man up and kill that witch.

Video Games: Were They Better a Decade Ago or Are They Better Now?

This is a tough one to look at from only one angle. Video games have changed so much over the last decade, I’m honestly not sure where to begin. Over the last 2 decades especially, things have changed so drastically from only side-scrolling games to real life-like FPS and RPGs. Let’s just take a look at the last 10 years or so and see how the newer age of gaming has evolved, and when gaming was/s better. Lets start with the platforms and systems.

In 2004, there wasn’t a heck of a lot going on except for the first generation consoles. The first Xbox , Playstation2, and Gamecube had already come out in 2000-2001, so they was already 3-4 years old years old. Those square, boxy, massive consoles and their controllers to match were pretty cool at the time. However looking back from our current systems, they’re less than desirable. There are some people who prefer a little nostalgia in their gaming, but for the most part, the mid-generation platforms are a bust (comparatively). Thankfully only a year later in 2005 the Xbox 360 came out, followed by Playstation3 and Nintendo Wii in 2006. This generation of consoles was a huge turn around and first step towards what we know best now (most recently, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U).

Not everyone really cares about what a console looks like though. The one thing everyone will notice and generally care about is the graphics. This doesn’t always mean whether it’s realistic or not, there are a ton of cartoony, animated games out there that have amazing graphics too (most games for Nintendo systems). I’m just talking about the quality of the picture, style, and yes, the realism for certain types of games. A decade ago, we were looking at mid-quality, pretty pixely faces with minor but noticeable detailing in characters and landscapes (for the most part). It was pretty cool seeing more realistic gun fire, blood, and different facial features in characters. As games evolved over the years, we’re only seeing more and more realistic and/or smooth graphics in all aspects of game play. Seeing pores and single hairs on your character, trees on the mountains in the background, and the attention paid to the finer details like water and physics is really what sets newer games apart even from 3-4 years ago. So visually, yeah, I’d say games are a step (or 10) above where they were 10 years ago.

A huge change in the last 10 years in gaming is the online/PVP aspect. Playstation 2 was the only thing remotely close to this 10 years ago. There was online play for some games, but not near the caliber we see now. Solo gaming is great, and it really allows you to experience the game in the way the developers intended. However, once you’re done with the campaign, what’s next? Before there was online mode for so many games, we were stuck at the ending credits ready to shed a tear that we just beat our favorite game. Nowadays, you finish the campaign mode and go straight to online play with all your friends (or you don’t even bother playing the campaign). Is this better? There’s a lot of dispute between gamers, but we’re going to say that newer games at least give you more options so you can choose whether or not you prefer to play solo or online/PVP.

So what’s better? This is really up to the gamer. In terms of overall experience though, we’re going to have to give this one to newer games. Those games 10 years ago were incredible when we first got them, and they’re great to go back and play now and then, but current games just have a leg up with more options, better graphics, and more modern consoles.