6 Gamer Hacks to Enhance Your Playtime

While one of the greatest past times on earth, there is always room for improvement in the gaming world. It can be tough making it through a weekend marathon of Left For Dead, but with these gamer hacks, you’ll come out Monday morning a winner.

  1. Make sure you have a comfortable computer chair. If you don’t, and keep playing from the floor, or the bed or that lawn chair you stole from the neighbors, you are going to start feeling it in your back. General rules of thumb for the right chair – your hands should not have to tilt to type, and your head should not tilt to see the screen.
  2. Use a banana holder to store your headset on. These are expensive, and get ruined easily if you don’t take care of them. Instead of just leaving it lying it anywhere, a banana holder can keep it safe and ready for whenever you are.
  3. Buy a konjac sponge to make your hygiene habits quick and easy. We all hate to have to break and wash, but it’s a necessity if you don’t want to end up with a face that looks as greasy as the pizza you ordered last night. A konjac sponge cleans your face as good as any exfoliate would, but in just minutes rather than in hours. Check them out on some online review sites to see just how good they are.
  4. Set up a stationary bike in front of your gaming screen. If you can manage to cycle through at least 30 minutes of Left for Dead, you can meet your exercise quota for the day and keep on killing zombies.
  5. Keep an unplugged controller handy for the younger brother or sister. Yes, we know it’s mean, but they will be content thinking they’re the ones throwing all those hand grenades, while you preserve your precious life forces.
  6. Don’t forget to set your Xbox One or PS4 to auto update. If not, every time you turn the system on, you are going to have to deal with waiting for the updates to be sent to the console. This is incredibly annoying and a huge waste of your time.


With these six quick fixes, your gaming days will be infinitely more enjoyable. Just remember that once you are in that Left for Dead zone, you still do have to come up for air once in awhile to avoid burning out.

Lessons Learned From Playing Left 4 Dead

Having mastered all of the versions of Left 4 Dead that are currently available, I am left pondering what my zombie killing obsession has taught me. If there were to be a zombie attack do I now have the skills to survive? Which types of weapons work the best? And most importantly, what the heck would I do if bitten?

None of these questions can be answered in the real world until the day of the zombie is actually upon us, but playing Left 4 Dead has taught me a few other important life lessons:

Don’t Get Near the Quiet Girls

As I learned how to avoid getting attacked by witches in Left 4 Dead, I started to relate them to the girls I came across in real life. What I figured out is that when they are quiet and shy is when you should really watch out. These are the girls whose claws will literally come out about 10 inches if you cross them.

When You are in Real Trouble Shoot From the Back

We all face those situations where we want to just run away from our problems, but just like in Left 4 Dead they will just keep on advancing until you face them, even if you deal with it from behind your back. You know how you run away from the zombies but keep shooting back, the same goes for when dealing with your real life demons.

There is Never a Safe Place to Hide

Zombies will always sniff you out, no matter where you hide. The same goes for your everyday life. You can spend the day hiding out in your room engrossed in Left 4 Dead for hours, but eventually you are going to have to come up for air. And that’s when schoolwork or real work or your family is going to smack you in right back to reality, the same way that zombie will.


You Have to Take Some Down Time

If not for your mental health, then for your physical health you have to step away from the game. Your avatar needs a recharge once in a while, and so do you. I have found that spending a half hour inside of my portable infrared sauna helps me to detox from all that soda and pizza, while a brisk walk around the block clears my head and makes me remember that the dawn of the zombie has not yet happened. Don’t have one? Get out the old interwebs and fire up some review sites to see the best saunas.

Never Give Up

Even the best of us will spend a good portion of the time in zombie land halfway dead, yet never give up. The same is true for life. No matter how hard the punches are today, get up tomorrow and go for it again. Sooner or later good always comes out on top.

These are all good lessons that I can take with me as I make my way through the real world. People may bash on those of us who like a good game, but they’ll be looking for us for help when that first zombie rears her ugly head.

Easy Finger Foods For While Your Gaming

Getting caught up in a game and forgetting the outside world has happened to the best of us. Sleep doesn’t matter and you end up living on a diet made up of chips and soda because you can grab and eat without letting go of the control. That’s not healthy guys. If you have a long term gaming session coming up, get prepared in advance with the right foods and you’ll be able to last even longer.

Cut Up Some Veggies

We know, probably not the highest priority on your food list, but if you munch on raw veggies during your games you’ll actually feel better and ultimately play better. Vegetables have vitamins that can keep the body going and sharpen the mind. To make it easy cut up carrots and celery and keep them in a bowl nearby. You can even put some ranch dip nearby to add flavor. Like this,  you don’t even need to take your eyes off of the screen to get a handful of essential vitamins and minerals.


A lot of gamers think that keeping up on a steady stream of soda will help them stay alert. Truth is, soda creates a sugar high from which all good gamers will eventually crash. To quell your thirst just keep a water bottle close by at all times. Keeping your body hydrated with water will actually give you more energy to stay in the game.


You have to keep up with protein too, although this is the hardest since you can’t exactly cut into a steak while controlling your avatar. If you have a deep fryer at the house, you can use that to make a whole bunch of different bite sized foods using meat and cheese. Better still is an air oil less deep fryer which does not make the food as greasy as the normal deep fryer will.

You use the best deep fryer to make chicken fingers, fried cheese sticks, fried fish and fried shrimp. Using small pieces of meats you won’t even need to look when you grab your supper. This is a fantastic alternative to the take out pizza which has to held for longer than two seconds.


Getting in a small amount of carbs is easy. Just cut up breads and bagels into small pieces or buy a bag of bread sticks. You don’t need too many of these, just a few bites to help keep your strength up.


You have to look at gaming like it is a sport, and you are an athlete. If you don’t want to get benched in the first round, keep your energy going with healthy food and you are going to outlast them all.

Setting up Your Space For Optimal Gaming Pleasure

The ideal set up for a gamer is the perfect balance of unsurpassed comfort and technologies that make gaming fun, both for quick battles and day long wars. Most gamers start off unorganized though, ending up with a cluttered mess that horrifies the mind. Check out these cool items that will help you de-clutter and make your gaming diversions that much more fun.

The TV Stand

Having your TV on a dresser and video game console on the floor is not classy at all. Instead, invest in a budget TV stand that is adjustable and has room to store your gear. If you have the space you can even find one with cabinets to store games and accessories inside of.

Cable Organizer

The large array of cables invading your gaming space have long been an annoyance. A cable organizer puts them all together neatly so that you are no longer tripping over them.

Scented Oil Diffuser

Because let’s face it, that room can start to smell pretty rank after the first few hours of driving your fantasy car. A scented oil diffuser can actually look really cool in the room, and give off a much appreciated fresh scent at the same time. Shop around some review sites to find one that fits your budget and your unique gaming sense of style.

Wireless Router

This is a fairly new concept, where if there is a loss of broadband service, the router will decide which device gets the internet until the broad band is back on line. No more sudden death just because a strong wind blew the outside cable line too hard.


A Universal Remote

You have to have one of these if you don’t want to end up with a pile of remotes on the foot of the bed. A universal remote will control all of your TV’s, sound systems and gaming systems from one place instead of having multiple remotes to have to keep track of.

Portable DVD Storage

Even if you aren’t taking them anywhere, the portable DVD storage gives perfect protection to all of your music, movies and games. This prevents them from being scratched or broken, as well as eliminating the need for space for all of those plastic cases they come in.

Charge Station

You probably already have wireless controllers, but a charge station will keep them ready for you when the one you are using runs out of juice. With space for multiple controllers, all of your systems will always be ready to roll.

Surge Protector

Not only does a surge protector give you multiple outlets for all of your electronics, It keeps them from being destroyed from a burst of electricity. Many people do not realize that if lightening does strike, or there is a problem with a transformer, a sudden increase in electrical power will burn the circuits of your TV and gaming systems.

With these items set up, your gaming room is going to become the ideal environment for long and short term play. Get it together and see what a difference a little organization can do for your space.

The Incredible Success of the Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama has been delighting fans since she first hit the video game world in 2006. Since then she has accumulated a large number of other adventure games and video game award nods from all areas of the industry.

In the Beginning

Mama started out as the virtual little cook with a big personality. Responsible for the entire genre, she appeals to people of all ages, thanks to her amazing wit and ability to teach the basics in just about any activity you can think of. Accompanied by her husband, two kids – Lchigo and Ringo – and her happy dog Max, Mama is in inspiration for anyone who wants to create an endearing character who has lasting qualities.

Award Winning Games

The original Cooking Mama game is the best selling Nintendo video game for DS of all time, with releases in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. The entire collection of 15 separate games has sold over 13 million units worldwide, expanding to 3DS, Wii, iPhone and Facebook. The Mama series has won a total of 4 industry awards including a gold medal for the Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures installment of the series.

Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures Popularity

Camping Mama is one of the most popular of the series and features 38 different levels with 100 new and unique mini games. Help Mama and the family set up their family sized camping tent and earn points for time. This is no easy feat when using a family tent for Mama, pop the kids and Max.

Once the family tent is set up, hunt for wood in the forest to use for the campfire and cooking. The characters are awarded points for carrying the most wood back to the campsite and for getting a fire started. Then it is up to Mama to get that camp cooking stove up and running and ready to cook her family those world famous meals.

campingmama-525x370The game allows you to change settings from the forest to the mountains or seas. You can even camp in the day or night, sun and snow. There are rock climbing adventures, swinging on vines and even tree climbing. Through it all, Mama is trying to teach all she can about the basics of camping, such as how to read a compass or pack a backpack for a hiking adventure.

Camping Mama is full of surprises and extra ways to gain points with mini games. Shake trees and move rocks to find even more adventures hidden amongst the wildlife.

The video game world is always surprising. Who would have imagined that a small lady with a big heart and knack for cooking would be able to compete with the likes of Mario and Luigi? But she has, with incredible result. Check this series of games out if you are looking for a way to get other people in your life interested in playing video games.


Is Your PC Microphone Giving You Optimal Game Play?

Playing multiplayer games on your PC necessitates a great mic. The computer may have come with one, but we all know those are more trouble than they are worth. Choosing the right microphone for your computer means first figuring out what it is you want to use it for – besides game play of course.

Different Hardware

Computer microphones will either be analog or USB and come with their own pros and cons:

  • USB – Where it plugs into your computer is a no brainer, but these can contain a lot of different gadgets like amps and audio processors. Unless you go really cheap, you are going to get good audio quality without any fuss.
  • Analog – this type plugs straight into your computers audio center and allows for extras like a pre amp and audio processors. The problem here is that if you don’t invest in those extras, the sound quality is totally dependent on the computers audio chip.

Now if you are doing nothing other than gaming and maybe chatting on Skype, the quality of the sound is not a big deal. But if you are into making youtube videos or taking singing lessons online, then you are going to need all of those gadgets and gizmos to improve the sound quality.


There a variety of styles to consider as well. The classic headset-mic combo is probably the most popular with gamers but are not always the best quality. What makes these so appealing is having both hands free with the microphone right at your mouth.

The trouble with the headset combo is when you want to use it in more advanced applications. If you are learning to sing online for example – maybe you have taken on a new project and got Singing Success, the sound quality will not be as high as you want. In that case you would need a free standing microphone that has its own audio adjustors and amps built in. These can be higher in cost, but if you are concerned about the way your voice is coming across it is your best option.


Gamers can still benefit from the stand alone mic. The range for picking up sound is high, so even if it is on the table next to you, it will still pick up your voice. There of course is the downside of it picking up the back ground noises too, but not everything is ever going to be perfect.

The important thing is to know that you are not limited in your choices for recording or transmitting sound using your pc. Explore the options you have and find the microphone that meets all of your needs.

How Real Are Reality Video Games Going to Get?

Believe it or not, there was a time where people kept their private lives private. This was known as pre-the Real World, the MTV drama that started the reality T.V. craze. It seems like video games have caught on to this craze, with a slew of games both online and off that encourage us to feed pets, grow strawberries and build houses.

Where the Trend Begins

If you look at the progression of video games, especially those found online, you will find that the introduction of social media sites such as Facebook sparked a trend at new types of video games. These games were geared towards adult users of the internet, who wanted to be on it, but didn’t really have much to do.

As an alternative to playing endless games of solitaire, game designers came up with a line of games that mirrored real life but in a fun and exaggerated way. Using characters of the gamers choice, real life activities could be performed. You were able to build the farm of your dreams, design a home and even an entire city.

FarmvilleThe genius behind these types of games is that they are continual. In Facebook’s Farmville, one of the most popular online games to date, a player has to log in or else they will lose the crops that they had planted. It appealed to intellectuals in that you actually had to plan your game around what your real world plans were.

When Does the Theme Go Too Far?

Today if you look at reality TV shows, you can see where it has become a genre run amok. Every possible aspect of life is being explored, whether entertaining or not. The same thing can happen to these real-life based games. For now, the most you can do with your avatar is maybe use an electric toothbrush and water flosser to clean his teeth in the morning. But who knows how realistic the game designers plan on getting – let’s just hope they don’t ever give you the opportunity to sit and read reviews of these products!

For now most of the games are tame, and still provide entertainment for hundreds of thousands of players. Those who don’t appreciate the challenge generally steer clear because over time, the game itself can become as burdensome as life if you are not careful.

Video games in general that don’t have a concrete end to them can become dangerous very fast. This type of design, while brilliant, is what is creating generations of young people who are glued to electronic devices. Kids and young adults are spending hours video fighting with other players all around the world.

There was a time, right around the same time that the Real World hit MTV, where Mario saved the princess, the legend of Zelda was solved, and Pacman finally got bit by a ghost. These games, with their finality allowed the player to actually get out and enjoy a real life too. Something that we need to think about as the business of making reality based games continues to grow.

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Various Video Games Using Bows and Arrows

Archery is getting more and more more popular nowadays. Although there are still no updates with regards to adding bows and arrows as a weapon option in Left 4 Dead (argh), you can still find various video games that can offer this kind of experience to gamers like you.

One of the most famous games you have ever thought of playing Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V). This game shows a redundancy when it comes to bows and arrows. So, those who are into archery in video game can surely enjoy this type of weaponry option in this game. Skyrim is capable of featuring as much as 50 bows having its own special features as well, just try to make an awesome recurve bow like this. With this weaponry feature, the gamer can now shoot as much arrows needed as they wish to be unbeatable in this game.

Another video game option to consider is Far Cry 3. They have this simple bow option where you can opt for upgrades allowing your bow and arrow to release fire and turn out to be an explosive weapon to be added to your collection of firearms. The bow and arrow weaponry may seem to be a simple addition to make your character more powerful in this game, but it can definitely help as a tool of destruction against your opponent.

Every gamer is aware of the Legend of Zelda Series. One of the many adventures that you can encounter in this game will involve the Hylilian a bow which comes in many forms. This particular type of weaponry aids the character to complete puzzles as well as achieve victory in combats which makes it one great addition to the adventure scenes of the game.

Another one exciting game that video gamers enjoy playing is Assassin’s Creed III. In this game Connor’s bow is what makes it more interesting when it comes to hunting and when on stealth mode. The use of the bow is relevantly seen on every adventure of the character in this game. Although you may find a few upgrades when it comes to this type of weaponry, there is still an option to change to another type of firearm depending on the type of encounter or battle.

Archery is gaining popularity in most of the video games that you can find nowadays. Some games have added some features with their bow and arrows and some have enhanced their graphics for a better gaming experience. Although, bows are somewhat less lethal as compared to ammunition, it is quite a good addition in your collections of firearms to endure combat and adventure games.

Discover the Technology Behind L4D

If you are looking forward to playing games that are more concentrated on battling with the undead, you may want to consider playing L4D and discover the technology that run behind the game scenes. What makes this game that exciting is that it complements the other zombie games that we play where you have to shoot the undead until all of the body parts fall apart. However, there is more to this game as compared to any other undead games you’ll find available.

This game allowed players not only to shoot zombies but they as well can be zombies themselves, which made the game a lot more interesting. What made Left 4 Dead more fascinating for its fans is that it now gives the gives the chance for its players to play in a more interactive way either if you play the game online or offline.

There are different campaigns that you will enjoy playing with this game. Although it may take hours for you until you’ll find yourself moving on to the next, you will find one campaign from the other exciting.

The characters in this game differ from each other which make it more interesting to play. And since you can as well play the game online, you will be able to find other interesting campaigns to accomplish once you login.

What you will love about the game itself is its mechanics. Since we keep on saying that there is an interesting technology behind the game itself, you probably want to know what it is all about. Just like a new found technology on motorbike helmets having Bluetooth technology installed (which you can find on HelmetAdvisor), you can as well make use of a similar functional feature you can use for this game.

There is this feature that you will love about L4D and not all players are actually making use of this. Since this is a tactical game and can be played by several players, you can make use of its voice features. Through using this you can easily inform your team about your playing tactics without taking time to type and chat with them. To be able to use this tactical feature of the game, it is essential that you and your team players should get access to a mic especially the leader who will lead his team players to victory.

Technology in gaming nowadays varies from one game to another. You should start exploring your options and start with a new adventure in this virtual gaming world.

Playing Video Games – The Pros and Cons

It is true that playing video games is not only addictive for kids but for adults as well. This is one of the major reasons why most of the video games we play nowadays posts their own warning if they find the game to be highly addictive for any type of individual. However, like in every side of the story, we are aware that video games can have advantages and disadvantages to offer.

What are the Pros?

In playing video games, one can learn beyond what is being taught from regular school. Since these video games are created to play with the fantasies running in our minds, it is bound to create a more creative world which can be absolutely interesting for people who are more engaged with exploring things.

Video games can be a part of the interactive learning process of kids or even adults nowadays. Because of these games, we now have a more fun filled option when it comes to learning things without having to hire an expert to teach us. Through these video games, we can now discover things on our own and at the same time have a little bit more entertainment while learning.

Physically, one can as well benefit from enhancing motor coordination skills through playing video games. Eye and hand coordination are most likely impacted with the the video games that you can play with.

Also, don’t forget the lulz:

What are the Cons?

What makes video games somewhat negative to a certain perspective is that it can be highly addictive. If a person engages with it at a certain point of time and eventually neglects his or her responsibility as a human being, that is the time that it becomes destructive and gives that negative impact to the person engaging in this activity.

Too much attachment to such gaming activities can lead to spending time on less important things and neglecting duties and responsibilities that you should be looking into such as health issues that may occur because of lack of sleep and improper food intake. Even hygiene is sometimes forgotten such as grooming and overall cleanliness.

How to Be More Responsible

What you need to consider when it comes to playing video games is how to develop self-control and remember to set your priorities. If your kids are addicted to playing, you have to set the rules as parents and be a role model. If you are an adult, act like an adult and be more aware of your own responsibilities. Do not make it to the point that you’re already growing a beard and some wicked and unsightly nose hair playing that favorite video game of yours and you have neglected the most important things in life that will make you grow as a person.


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